Manage your HACCP Plan effortlessly.

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HACCP At Your Fingertips

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a globally recognized systematic approach to reducing hazards in food production. A HACCP Plan is essential for food production sites to monitor biological, chemical, and physical hazards.

Compliant is always monitoring, always in control


Manual systems will inevitably result in missing a deadline or action. Compliant removes the hassle and paper. Trust us when we say it is a lot easier! Compliant forms the foundation of your HACCP plan.

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A Solid Foundation for HACCP

What is a CCP/Critical Control Point?

A CCP (Critical Control Point) is a risk point at which you must act to eliminate, reduce, or prevent a hazard to an acceptable limit.

A single CCP may contain multiple hazards. Typical CCPs include cleanliness checks, allergen management, product safety, temperature checks, machinery and personnel check as well as labelling and pest prevention.

How Does it Work?

Easily define your CCPs including their hazards, critical limits, personnel responsible, check frequency and actions in the event of deviation. Involve different departments to ensure a comprehensive HACCP plan and a sense of ownership to achieve HACCP success.

Control the Risk

Define checks, limits, actions, priorities and deadlines.

Portable device user viewing a list of Non Conformances to record an ad hoc Non Conformance in production
Defining a CCP’s action list in the event of an issue

If the values you are monitoring fall outside of the critical limit, Compliant will trigger the appropriate actions to perform before logging the root cause and any preventative actions.

Corrective actions restore control and help identify the cause of the loss of control.

Compliant’s Locations tool allows you to configure and define an inventory of all your assets and equipment. Associated review dates will be included in the Calendar tool.

Planning and Scheduling

The calendar and overdue system alerts ensure nothing gets missed.

Assign responsibilities and ensure team members complete tasks on time.


Compliant allows you to document reasons for your hazard analysis justification including supporting data on critical limits. Everything is automatically logged and an audit trail always available for inspection and trend analysis.

Good Communication

Communicate findings across all levels of your business using a single source of truth. Immediately notify relevant personnel of actions they need to perform. Any task not resolved according to timescale or priority will be flagged. A collaborative team results in improved decision making and results.

When All is Said and Done

You can view history, documents, generate reports and view issues previously raised and actioned.

compliant’s haccp reporting capabability

Quickly identify areas for improvement through training and improved procedures.

Trending the most common non conformances
Identifying the trouble spots
Analysing performance of CCPs


  • Easy to use
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Improve quality of data captured, including images, signatures, barcodes and documents
  • Fully configurable to all your HACCP requirements
  • Meets regulatory requirements and best practices


  • ACT FASTER. Act on any issued raised in realtime
  • GAIN VISIBILITY. Puts you in control
  • De-skill and simplify your processes
  • Reduces administration burden by removing paper, filing and checking for missing or ineligible data
  • Protects Your Brand and meets compliance with ease