The Auditor Module.

audit manager

Make Audit Preparation Easier

Auditor ensures you meet all your customer and regulatory requirements. The system allows you to get ahead of the game and exceed standards for total peace of mind. Auditor can function offline for remote audits.

As food safety compliance becomes more demanding, it’s important to have all your audit data quickly available. Auditor centralises all your data in one location so everything is at your fingertips.

Auditor Dashboard

You can access all your audit data including audit history, documentation, reports and actions raised and taken. Auditor is a module within the Compliant Suite and seamlessly links into supplier approval details, personnel training records.

Audits are now a breeze

Streamlining the Audit Process

Get Organised

As food safety compliance becomes more demanding, it’s important to have all your audit data quickly available.

You can access all your audit data including audit history, documentation, reports and actions raised and taken.

Creating Audits

Auditor can be used for internal and external audits. Create Audits from templates or from scratch. Assign applicable sites, audit dates and link personnel.

It’s highly configurable design allows you to create a rich variety questions and checklists. Create score criteria to quantify overall performance. Define risk criteria and set controls.

Audit question for scoring by auditor, including tips

Planning and Scheduling

The calendar tool ensures nothing gets missed and provides an overview of audits due and resource. Assign responsibilities and ensure team members complete tasks on time. Receive alerts and prioritise audits on a risk-based calculation.

Conduct The Audit

Auditor’s user-friendly screens allow audits to be completed with ease and speed. Auditor allows you to perform full, partial and ad-hoc audits.

Collect better quality data with clear questions and supporting images and documentation.

Auditors can take pictures, record audio and comments. All data captured is time stamped. Signatures can be collected during and at audit sign-off.

After data collection, Auditor will provide an overall picture including scores and highlight action points. Any priority issues requiring immediate attention will be automatically flagged.

Linking documents and defining audit criteria
on PC ready to perform audits
Selecting a non-conformance from user definable list


Auditor helps you identify, assess risk and manage the response and resolution in a consistent manner.

  • Create non conformances and be prompted with corrective actions before logging the root cause and any preventative actions.
  • Manage follow up actions and link to interested parties.
  • Attach pictures and documentation evidence to move a corrective action through to resolution quickly.
  • Define deadlines and notify interested parties to act on findings.

Review & Follow Up

No more hassle moving collected data into spreadsheets to generate interim or final reports. Auditor allows you to instantly generate leave-behind and actional reports identifying an action plan. You can quickly identify areas for improvement through training and improved procedures.

After follow-up actions are completed, a closing down report is recorded for closure.

Good Communication

Clearly communicate findings across all levels of your business using a single source of truth. immediately notify relevant personnel of what they need to do. Any task not resolved according to timescale or priority will be flagged.

A collaborative team results in improved decision making and results.

Auditor using touchscreen tablet to answer audit questions

compliant’s Superior reporting capability

Without an audit management system, it’s difficult to collate and analyse data collected into multiple spreadsheets. Auditor features a comprehensive range of reports that can be created in seconds showing metrics for all roles.

Easily spot trends and compare audits by location , supplier and more. Pull everything together for benchmarking tests. Management reports assist making strategic recommendations. All reports can be output in a multiple of file formats.

Showing trends for most common non-conformances identified on sites
Comparing supplier performances during audits during last year.


  • Centralizes all your audit data in a single secure location
  • Works offline. Conduct audits anywhere
  • Highly configurable. Create your own questions, checklists and corrective actions linked to images, documents and messages
  • Easily track any issues through to resolution
  • Simplifies and regulates your audit processes
  • Up to date information always instantly available
  • Shares data with colleagues and external contacts
  • Comprehensive search and reporting tools
  • Unlimited Users can complete audits and actions online


  • Save time and money
  • Reduce risk, ensure Compliance
  • Simplify and improve data collection
  • Remove paper, printing and storage costs
  • Improve performance and collaboration between your auditing team
  • Manage non compliances in a consistent and timely manner
  • Improve visibility. Identify trends and risks. Monitor performance and areas for improvement
  • Drives efficiency through improved reporting tools. Make informed decisions
  • Guards against fines and protect your brand