The food safety management system

Frequent Questions answered

We recognise that migrating to a new food safety management system, despite all the obvious benefits, can be a big step and you will have lots of questions.

You are in safe hands with us. We have been helping food producers like you for more than a decade, making us very well-equipped to manage your implementation with minimal upheaval and maximum benefit to your business within days


Who will need to be involved?

We invite you to identify a Project Manager who we can quickly get up to speed. From there, they can show their colleagues in various departments the parts of the system they need to know. Alternatively, we will show each department the areas of concern in shorter sessions.


We can’t spare much time. Is that going to be a problem?

We understand. It usually takes us a day on site to get you up to speed with the core functions. Then we return at the end of the month to review progress. By this time, having supported you with remote support in the intervening time, we expect you to be seeing a significant ROI. So it’s a case of one step back to take a few steps forward. Remember, Compliant will save you a lot of time once implemented.


How long will it take us to get up to speed?

This depends on a few factors including the number of modules you require and your company size. Once we have a feel for your requirements we will issue you a Gantt chart providing our implementation plan proposal.


Will Compliant work for us? Our processes are quite specific.

One of the best things about Compliant is that it is highly configurable and works how YOU want it to. Its been our mantra from day one. So even if you have very specific processes, we expect Compliant will fit your requirements. And even if it doesn’t, expect us to find a way to make it fit


Does Compliant comply with all my customer and compliance regulations?

Yes. The system was developed with input from BRC accredited auditors and our client’s technical departments.


If all my records move to computer, will they be secure?

Yes. All your data will be centralised and securely backed-up. And they can be stored for years before you archive them.


Are we ready for this?

Yes. There is no preparation required on your part, apart from a willingness to drive your business forward. We can get companies who are wholly paper based up to speed without any preparation. We will lead you through the entire process.


Are there any hidden costs?

No. We pride ourselves on being fair to deal with, and no hidden costs is a core ingredient to that. The software does and costs what it says on the tin.


What if you enhance or change the system – will we have to pay more or not get an upgrade?

No. We are continually adding functions to Compliant in response to customer requirements and regulatory updates . All system improvements and updates are rolled out free of charge.


Are there any restrictions to use of system, such as maximum number of PCS, users or checks we can load on the system?

No. You can load as many checks , users etc into the system as you like without restriction.


How would you upgrade and support our system?

Typically via remote access.


Can we use the tablets offline where we don’t have a wireless connection?

Yes. Our portable devices can be used off site. For example, at a supplier or other remote site , you can record checks and once the devices were back online data can be synced.