The food safety management system

Food Producers bid farewell to the paper chase

If cutting your regular quality management time in half and not having to stress over your audits sounds like a pipe dream…read on!

If you were to ask the average Technical or Quality Manager the cause of most day-to-day frustration and stress, they would probably point the finger at paperwork!

But now with the Compliant system the relentless battle to keep on top of your quality checks is a thing of the past. Leading portable data capture specialist RDS Limited has developed a hassle-free solution for food producers using portable touchscreen devices to perform checks with ease.

No more printing, typing into spreadsheets or filing/storing paperwork. No more checking sheets for missing, ineligible or incorrectly recorded data.

Control Freak

The fully configurable system means every check can be created exactly to your requirements. Collected data is immediately fed back to your PC screen.

From there, you can see the ‘state of play’ at the touch of a button. The dashboard gives an instant view of the state of play. With up-to-the-minute information and an inbuilt calendar, nothing gets missed.

What’s the problem?

Non Conformances can be resolved without waiting until all the paperwork finally reaches the QA office! Being able to see a picture of a non-conformance can lead to a quicker resolution that saves a lot of unnecessary ‘back and forth’ around the site.

Improving, not just Migrating

According to David Bucknall, Technical Director for RDS, “Compliant cuts the time, cost and stress that food producers face by around 50 percent. Compliant improves the quality of your captured data.”

And the benefits continue long after the initial data capture.

“Time saved can be spent in other areas, such as creating preventative actions plans based on trends reported on your collected data. We have spent years listening to our client base and learning from their requirements. That is what has turned Compliant into the totally configurable, easy to use system we believe it has become”

Audits: a walk in the park.

Compliant is fully compliant with every standard used within the food industry. Firms can pass any BRC, Customer, SALSA or other audit with flying colours and minimum stress.

Forget frantically checking paperwork as the inspection date looms ever closer. The audit prep can be substantially reduced because all records are always available on-demand, accurate and up-to-date.

Managers can now meet their audit head-on, positive in the knowledge that all compliance issues are met.

Compliant has proved a big hit with clients and auditors alike as it ensures accuracy, demonstrates due diligence and shows a commitment to total quality.